An Uncommon Grace

29 02 2008

I grew up hearing it sung, humming the tune and even singing along but I was around 27 before i truly began to get a glimpse of what the song meant.  I was in my thirties before I can say I fully embraced it for life.  And I am still learning, experiencing, living and embracing it.  Amazing Grace!

I experienced it before I knew what it was.  God in His goodness gave me His grace at a young age.  I believed and placed my faith in Christ.  However, I did not know how to live in it till much latter.  As I share about God’s goodness and how His grace has transformed, renewed, restored and rebuilt.  I hope we all will see and understand it more.

I call my blog An Uncommon Grace because although, just like the song, grace is not uncommon at all.  It is everywhere.  It is always offered.  Often experienced.  Grace is uncommon in that we rarely fully live it, even less often display it ourselves, and almost always stumble through it.  

I am excited to see where God takes us!   



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6 03 2008
Claire Marsheck

I really enjoyed the piece on Johnny Cash. I’m a Christian who admired Johnny Cash and loved his music. He sang about “real” life. Amazing Grace is my favorite hymn to sing. It says it all. I like your “Blog”. Keep up the Good Work!

6 03 2008
Stan Huie

Darian, thanks for including me in your blog notice. You are right. Much of the church that identifies itself as “evangelical” has, in fact, reverted to a de facto reincarnation of classical liberalism. They preach a crossless, Christless religion that centers in moral encouragement, political mandates and life coaching. Though I often agree with most of their sentiments, apart from the centrality of Christ and Him crucified and the message of the radical grace that we live in, it is no longer Christianity.

There are two resources I would recommend to folks. One is the White Horse Inn ( The radio program can be listened to on line or podcast for free. Their theme for the year is “Christless Christianity.” Also their magazine, Modern Reformation, is a wonderful resource. The second resource is Reformed Theological Seminary’s site on iTunes U ( Courses from RTS are offered for free as an iTunes download and the iTunes program can be obtained for free on their web site. I am currently listening to a course taught by Steve Brown (formerly of Key Biscayne Presbyterian) called “Grace in the Church.”

Grace to you, Darian, and to your fellow bloggers,

Stan Huie, Ministry Consultant, Walk Thru the Bible Ministries

6 03 2008

Thanks Stan I may add White Hourse Inn as one of my links. Steve Brown is great as well. I have his book “Sacdelous Freedom” listed under my “Great Books” section. The church I pastor will also be hosting a men’s conference called “Dangerous Freedom” sponsored by Steve’s minsitry this Septemeber.

7 03 2008
Toby Brown

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I’ll keep reading!

11 03 2008
Todd Phillipy

I really enjoyed your post Darian. You clearly have a passion for the Lord and writing. Your strong emphasis on the grace and love of Jesus Christ is very nice to hear. I feel like too many Christian writers and communicators don’t spend enough time focusing on the finished work of Jesus on the cross and his amazing grace for all who call on HIS NAME.

Keep writing brother, you’re doing a great job!!

Todd Phillipy

11 03 2008

Thank you Todd, your comments are both a blessing and an encouragement. When I think about th efinished work of Christ on the cross my mind is drawn to the second verse of “In Christ Alone” which says “Till on the cross as Jesus died, the wrath of god was satisfied; For every sin on Him was laid – here in the death of Christ I live.”

14 03 2008

Dear dpcpastor:

May the grace and peace of our LORD Jesus Christ, always remain uopn you!
Cogradulations on you sucess on “post of the week”! I too have been greatly
blessed with musical ability,singing, songwriting (Gospel).

“As a light that shineth in the darkness, pastor dpc, you have been blessed!
Thank you for leaving a comment on the poem HE gave me, “On The Cross”.

I will continue to visit! Please visit:
It is an labor of love that has taken me over six years, through only the
Holy spirits guidance. It contains nearly 300, Sermons, poetry, insight into
Scriptures, you will find NO opinions therein. As HE directed every word,
It’s whole purpose is to unite the hearts of believers, “to one accord”
for every word “rightly divides His Word of Truth”. Glory be to God,
and bless you for your faithfulness!

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