The Nail Man

9 07 2008

The beauty of good poetry is its simplicity.  When I ran across “The Nail Man” by English poet Steve Turner the profound truth which it speaks of God’s grace moved me deeply.  In truth each of us is “The Nail Man” and with each hammer beat upon the nail rings out a tune of unfathomable grace, love and forgiveness.


The Nail Man

By Steve Turner


Which one was it
that held the nails
and then hammered them
into place?
Did he hit them
out of anger,
or a simple
sense of duty?

Was it a job
that had to be done,
or a good day’s work
in the open air?

And when they
clawed past bone
and bit into wood,
was it like all the others,
or did history
shudder a little
beneath the head
of that hammer?

Was he still there,
packing away his tools,
when ‘It is finished’
was uttered to the throng,
or was he at home
washing his hands
and getting ready
for the night?

Will he be
among the forgiven
on that Day of Days,
his sin having been slain
by his own savage spike?





3 responses

16 07 2008

Great post.

16 07 2008

Thanks! Th elast line jsut grabs you and brings home the depth of God’s grace.

26 07 2008
Dave Roberts

Love Steve’s work, brother!

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