WOW! An Uncommon Grace is a Year Old!

20 02 2009


  An Uncommon Grace is 1 year old!

Since that time we have:

1.  Been named “Religious Blog of the Week”

2.  Had almost 20,000 hits!

3.  Received 244 comments

4.  Made 22 posts

Our most popular posts have been:

1.  “God’s Mercy & Micah’s Touch”  with 1,376 hits!

2.  “Cash Got Grace” with 1,311 hits!

3.  “A Good Man is Hard to Find” with 1,045 hits!

Thanks for the support!

I have made some recent changes to the site I hope are helpful:

1.  There is a ‘Search’ feature at the top

2.  A ‘Select a Category’ feature

3.  A ‘Select a Month’ feature

4.  A “Recent Comments” feature

5.  Added copyright protection for all material on the site

 6.  Added links to any books or movies (music will be forth coming) covered on the site so that you can order them if you want.  Just hit the title and it will take you to a site where you can order.  

Help me celebrate “An Uncommon Grace‘s” Birthday by subscribing:

1.  If you have Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Bloglines, or Netvibes you can scroll down on the right of the page and hit one of the icons matching Yahoo!, Google etc… and it will subscribe you.

2.  Right under the “Search” area hit the orange icon next to the title An Uncommon Grace and follow the instructions.

3.  Scroll to “Subscribe to An Uncommon Grace by email” on the right and follow the instructions once you click on it.

Any of these are easy ways you can subscribe and receive the latest posts.

I hope the Lord continues to give me interesting things to write about which highlight His grace through literature, music, art, preaching, and life.





2 responses

20 02 2009
Mrs. Claus

Happy Birthday! I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. Keep it coming.

20 02 2009

Thanks Teresa!
You are such a blessing and encouragement.

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