Favorite Music for 2008

23 02 2009


 Below are my favorites for 2008.  If any of them are new to you give them a listen and let me know what you think.  Also, I would love to hear in a comment what your favorites were for last year.  

paintedred JJ Heller – Painted Red, I have just discovered JJ Heller but love her music.  The entire album is a refreshing change of pace and sound from most Christian artist out there today.  However, the song Painted Red is simply beautiful lyrically and musically.  Its simplicity adds to its strength.  Here are the lyrics:

If I could not hold a pen

I would write of you on my heart instead

You have bought me with your blood

And I am painted red by your love

Ooh …

If I could not say a word

My life would speak of love I don’t deserve

Hope means holding on to you

Grace means you’re holding me too

Ooh …


  Red Mountain Church–  Everything these guys put out is excellent.  My favorite album is probably The Gadsby Project; however, the newest release This Breaks my Heart of Stone is growing on me.  Depth of Mercy CD, This Breaks My Heart of Stone CD, The Gadsby Project CD, Help My Unbelief CD.  If you do not have time to listen to everything a few of my favorite cuts are:  Help My Unbelief, Lord Dissolve My Frozen Heart, Christ or Else I Die, Wedding Dress, Friend of Sinners. However, do not cheat yourself by listening to only these few songs.  Red Mountain Church was not the first to place new tunes and arraignments to classic and often long forgotten hymns but they are with out question the best.   Many of the hymns recorded here come from the Gadsby Hymnal.  You can learn more about William Gadsby on “An Uncommon Grace”’s “Great Lives” page and his biography can be found on the “Current Reading List“.  There is a link to Red Mountain Church under “Great Music” in the side bar.


 mindy-smith Mindy Smith is an artist that has been around a few years but I just discovered her music in 2008.  Below I have posted my two favorites which she does.  Smith is a committed Christ follower and her lyrics are raw, honest, authentic and genuine.  Let me know what you think.



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