Current Reading List

Currently Reading:

   Forever Ruined for the Ordinary by Joy Dawson

 Daring to Live on the Edge By Loren Cunningham

designing-worship  Designing Worship Together by Norma deWaal Malefyt and Howard Vanderwell

Taking Longer Than It Should Reading: 

 Sin Boldly by Cathleen Falsani

 surprised_by_hope_nt_wrightSurprised By Hope by N. T. Wright


 Just Finished Reading:

isthatreallyyougod Is That Really You God? by Loren Cunningham

 William Gadsby Biography-B. A. Ramsbottom

You can learn more about William Gadsby by clicking onto the “Great Lives” page and Red Mountain Church has recorded many of his hymns and are currently on my “”Current Tunes” page.  Other artist who have recorded Gadsby’s hymns include Indelible Grace and Sandra McCraken both of whom, as well as Red Mountain Church, have links to there websites in the sidebar under “Great m

usic”.beloved  Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen

stott1 Evangelical Truth: A Personal Plea for Unity, Integrity, and Faithfulness by John Stott

It is possible that it may end up on my “Great Books” page which would make Stott the only person to have two books there (the one presently on the page is Stott’s The Cross of Christ).  This book is a prophetic call for the church of Christ to take seriously the kingdom work of God, reject modern fundamentalism’s tendency to fragment from and demonize those who disagree with them on “non essentials”, and embrace a more evangelical mindset that is mission focused.

mygrandfathersson_440x668 My Grandfather’s Son by Clarence Thomas

Post modernity will read this book and shake their heads at the “cruel and strange” approach Thomas’ grandfather used in raising his grandsons.  I read it and long for a time when common sense ruled, hard work was rewarded, and adults were allowed the freedom to raise children into great men and women who think for themselves.  Today, elites will call Thomas’ grandfather abusive.  Clarence Thomas, from his seat on the Supreme Court, calls him the “greatest man I have ever known.”  

I love this quote by Thomas’ grandfather: “Old man can’t done up and died.  I know, cause I was there when it happened.”

weber On the Road To Armageddon by Timothy P. Weber

A solid historical review of the rise of dispensationalism within the modern Christian church and the potential and real negative effects that rise has had within the church and politics.

 Fallen Founder:  The Life of Aaron Burr by Nancy Isenburg  

  The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton

“A weak Christian and a strong Christ shall be able to do all.” – Samuel Bolton

 Repentance and 21st Century Man by John C. Miller

miller A Faith Worth Sharing: A Lifetime of Conversations about Christ by C. John Miller

The best book I have read on evangelism which I have read in a long time.  If your tired of “sale approaches” and “techniques” this book gently and clearly reveals the truth of the matter when it comes to sharing our faith – Its about the heart of the one who shares.  

   The Graham Formula: Why Most Decisions for Christ Are Ineffective by Patrick McIntyre

 The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

  A Royal Affair: George III and His Scandalous Siblings  by Stella Tillyard

  Great Christian Hymn Writers Smith & Carlson

 Whatever Happened to Worship?  -A. W. Towzer

 Your Mind Matters – John Stott

Find out more about John Stott at the “Great Lives” page and discover his classic work “The Cross of Christ” at the “Great Books” page.  You can hear Stott’s sermons for no charge by linking to “All Souls Church” which is listed under “Christ’s Body” in the sidebar.

 Christian ZionismStephen Sizer

 A Better Way: Rediscovering Christ Centered Worship– Michael Horton


Devotional Reading

 Through the Bible Through the Year by John Stott

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