Darian’s Poem’s & Songs

My Grandmother, Willie Tom Longshore. 

Summers With Willie by Darian G. Burns (1993)

Summers with Willie 

    were the best I ever had.

picking blackberries,

     stten on the porch,

and wishing for what I already had.

     She would be telling me storiesof day’s past glories

and all the riches they had, 

     FAITH in GOD above, 

working hard, giving thanks 

     and being glad.

As she knelt at the foot of her bedthere were stars in the sky

     and tears in her eyes

as I listened to the prayers that she said.

     With rocking chair peace of mind,she would be humming those hymns of time, 

and she taught me so well 

     of the peace that could dwell 

when her Savior became mine.

Love Walked Among UsBy Darian G. Burns (August 2006)

Love walked among us

In dusty sandaled feet

To fulfill an unfailing promise

Love would die to keep

          And it was a widow

          Who had lost her son

          That through a crowd He would see

          And it was a sister

          Who had lost her brother

          That in her mourning He would weep

Love walked among us

In dusty sandaled feet

To fulfill an unfailing promise

He would die to keep

          And it was a solitary man

          Who lived in darkened tombs

          That Love would free from the darkest night

          And it was a woman

          Who faced judgmental eyes

          But found grace in His sight

And the promise He died to give

Is true still today

To heal our pain

Dry our tears

Return the runaway

          And the grace He died to give

          Is offered still today

          To those who receive

          And choose to believe

          That Love still walks among us today

This was written for a dear sister in the Lord who has faced more sorrow than most can imagine yet stayed not only true in her faith but strong.

She Believes

By Darian G. Burns (Fall 2006)


There was a girl,

Fresh as a flower

Gentle as a dove

She spoke of her Savior

And she spoke of His love

And she believed

In her sweet Lord she believed

          And the days passed

          And the rivers rolled

          And the winds blew

          The winds blew hard

          The winds blew cold

          But she believed

          In her gracious Jesus she believed.

And the sadness she would carry;

Most would fall under the load

And the wounds which were so deeply buried

Whispered lies into her soul

But she believed

In her sustaining Savior she still believed

          And He saw her faith

          He heard her song

          He wiped her tears

          He was there all along

          He whispered love to a heart in despair

          “Child you are mine, rest in my care.”

 There is a woman

Humble in heart

Offers praise to her King

As she did at the start

And she sings of her Savior

She sings of His love

And she believes

In her loving Savior she believes.


John’s Mountain

by Darian G. Burns

Spring 2000

Let’s take a ride out to John’s Mountain

We’ll pass beside it down the valley road,

All the barns say “See Rock City!”

The grass is lush, green and alive,

We can see the wildflowers rock gently and say hello.

          On the left …


          My grandparents lived there!

          They had a farm in that hollow below,

         As a boy I found arrow heads on that creek bank,

         And learned to shoot, work, and ride.

Once I climbed to the top of that hill there,

I lied on my back,

Looked up,

And I cried.

I knew I was loved here

And I’d never felt more alive.

          The farmhouse is gone now,

          The barns have all fallen down,

          All that’s left is that locked gate on the drive,

          My grandparents both passed on years ago.

          But the gifts they gave me here survive.

Let’s take a ride out to John’s Mountain,

Get out,

Jump the fence and take a stroll,

Thank God for this piece of His creation

And for the souls my life passed on this valley road.

On the left….


My grandparents lived there.

They had a farm in the hollow bellow.

24 responses

5 03 2008

great poetry darian, didn’t know you had it in ya

5 03 2008
Chuck Holzman

Someone needs to put these poems to music!

5 03 2008

Darian, These are beautiful! I especially like “She Believes”. You should have a musically inclined friend put it to music. Ans I can see those “Rock City signs”! This one really lets the bond you have with grandparents shine through!

6 03 2008

Austin, Chuck and Peggy, the comments here are the most dear to me becuase my poetry comes from the deepest part of me. I love words and how they can so commincate powerfuly and beutifully God’s truths. One of my church members is very talented ont eh guitar so I may ask him about the possibilty of music. Check back because I will be adding new stuff every now and then. I pray God blesses you each today.

7 03 2008

“She Believes” is just beautiful and touched my heart – especially after the last few years we have had in our family.
Thank you so much for sharing your poetry and sharing your heart in the process.
Keep on writing!

7 03 2008

Thank you so very much! The dear sister I wrote “She Beleives” about will be singing in concert at the church I pastor this Sunday. You can also check out her website with the link on my front page. Hit the Kelly Willard link. I appreciate you taking time to comment. They are always wlecome!

11 03 2008
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15 03 2008

Good job brother. Keep writing your heart.

15 03 2008

Thank you for the encouragement. Check back form time to time and I will be adding. Blessings to you as you serve our Lord!

16 03 2008

These are beautiful! Thanks for inviting me to read. Please come back to my http://gracemark.wordpress.com every now and then and I’ll be glad to return the favor.

16 03 2008

That is a great compliement considering the source. I indeed will return to your page more inspiration, grace and hope!

26 03 2008
Little Sis

I love all your poems. I will get momma on this and let her see the page. You are doing a great job. I am proud of my big brother!!! Keep up the good work.

26 03 2008

I have read a couple of them to Momma but not most. If we make it home this summer maybe we could go out to John’s Mountain for a picnic or somthing.

28 03 2008

Well, I am the first of the children w/ names that rhyme w/ IG to subscribe and to leave a comment. I have a framed copy of the poem about Willie Tom. I am absolutely CRAZY for the poem John’s Mountain. Tig and I jumped that fence a few years ago and ran down the dirt road to get a look. Our preacher boy-doctor and beaver stayed at the gate thinking that their wives might get arrested for trespassing, but we did not. This is one our favorite places as well. I love all of your blog. MMMWWAA!!

28 03 2008

Hey Big Sis!
Thank you! I miss you all so much. “John’s Mountian” is my favorite also. I think its one ofthe most peaceful and beutiful places I have ever been. Shig, Tig and Crig – I always thought you guys nick names ended with ig cuase you were all BIG! At least in your baby brother’s eyes. Just so you know, my church memebrs read this and we are not telling people what my nick name is, don’t even let them know it rhymes with yoyo cause they are pretty smart and will figure it out. Uh oh I jsut did. I love you and can’t wait to see you again. I’ll be adding ppoems from time to time.
You Little Brother,

4 04 2008
An Uncommon Grace News! « An Uncommon Grace

[…] Darian’s Poem’s & Songs […]

7 04 2008

Thank you for sharing your poems with me and for your comment regarding mine. I am glad you found your way to my site. I love your way with words too!

18 04 2008

Dude! Great stuff man. It’s good to see somebody else loving and writing Christian poems! God bless you.

18 04 2008

Thanks! Check back from time to time and I will do the same with you. Your stuff truly captures God’s grace. In Christ Alone, Darian

17 06 2008

Dear DC pastor, after reading some of your song/poems I MUST tell you
even as other commenters have, these NEED to be put to music! As a singer
songwriter/ composer/ and advanced guitarist with over 42+ years on
guitar the LORD has gifted me greatly in music.

I play fingerstyle solo (Chet Atkins Style) and have incorporated my own style of
playing as well. I want you to know as I was reading “Summers With Willie”
the LORD gave me beautiful music to fit the words, and I hear some of it
being spoken to the music.

If you would like to hear me solo fingerpick, as well as me and my wife
perform two of our songs from one of out two c.d.s, they are online and
in video format.
If you go to my ministry website http://www.truth-witness.com
right there on the homepage you will see a picture with an arrow in the box
this is a small 3″ X 4″ videoplayer. If you click on the arrow, you can watch
us do “Afraid To Be Afraid” and “39 Stripes” right after this, you will see me

doing a famous fingerstyle guitar solo that the great Tommy Emmanuel
(A Christian guitar instrumentalist who is world renouned, and named
the best in the world) by many famous players. Chet Atkins even gave him
an award several years ago.

If you would be so inclined, pray about this, and the LORD could very well
have had our paths cross for purposes that are far beyound our imagination!
As a writer myself, know that I see your work shows great promise!
You can email me at stepmonday@aol.com or call me at home anytime
at (318) 325-7586 In Christ, Stephen Monday

23 06 2008

Where did you get the pic of Mammie? I would like a copy of it. I can not wait to see ya’ll at the cabin!

24 06 2008

I’ll email you a copy or you can copy it big sis. Aunt Mary sent me a copy. We are in Virginia today and will be arriving at the cabin in Rome tommorrow. The twins are so excited about the road trip with Levi and Tim to OK and the VOM conference.

11 03 2009

Sehr wertvolle Informationen! Empfehlen!

12 03 2009

Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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