Amazing Movies

My favorite films:

To Kill a Mockingbird – Gregory Peck

Atticus is one of my all time favorite characters and Peck plays him masterfully.  I love characters who display strength, character, passion and convection but do so with an unquestioned graciousness.  My favorite line from this movie is when the preacher turns to Scout and says, “Child – stand up.  Your father is passing.”  The novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is listed also on my “Great Books” page.

The Mission– Robert Deniro

In my opinion, one of the most underrated movies ever.  The message of grace is so powerfully communicated in film here.  I will never forget the first time I saw it in a theater.  When it ended the audience remained silent for a number of minutes.  Just sat there!  Who would have guessed that a film about 18th Century Jesuits would have such a profound message concerning the doctrine of grace?  The musical score is excellent as well.  Gabriel’s Oboe is hauntingly beautiful and goes perfectly with the overall message and what is occurring on the screen. 

A Trip to Bountiful – Geraldine Page

Page won an Oscar as best actress for this film and she should have.  Her performance will leave you unable to separate her from the character.  A simple story which reminds us all that deep inside, each of us just wants to get back home.  The film opens with a amazing rendition of “Softly and Tenderly” by Cynthia Clawson. 

glory-dvdcover2 Glory– Denzel Washington


Washington is probably my favorite modern actor and he won an Oscar for his performance here.  Courage and the virtue of fighting to truth and honor are all found in this film.  Underscoring every scene and subplot is the truth that each of us are image bearers of our creator and Lord.  If you can only watch one film on the Civil War this is the one to see.

Amazing Grace– Albert Finney

A powerful, beautiful film about John Newton and William Wilberforce that has so many levels it is hard to describe in words.  The story of Wilberforce’s fight against slavery is certainly the main plot but the multiple sub plots are deep, rich and profoundly moving.  The scene of Wilberforce returning to Newton’s church to find an old man moping and turning to his former member and reciting “Amazing Grace” with tears in his eyes only to ask, “Did I write that?” frames the difficulty each of us have with fully understanding the grace we have been given and in which we daily live. 

   The Apostle– Robert Duvall

This film was a life-long labor of love for actor Robert Duvall who wrote, directed, stared in and produced the film.  Duvall, a professing follower of Christ, seeks to show the depths of human sinfulness and God’s grace.  See my post “Sonny Comes Home” which goes into more depth.

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5 03 2008
Chuck Holzman

Great reviews! Ambitious project!

What are the ratings (G, PG, etc.) of the movies listed?

6 03 2008

Chuck, thank you for your encoraging comment. I am not sure about the ratings for the films but I am going to guess that Mocking Bird is unrated, Mission is PG-13, Bountiful PG, Glory I know is R (for war violence), and Amazing Grace PG. Whatever the ratings they are all worth seeing. I would always reccomend parents use wisdom and discernment when viewing any film with their children.

7 03 2008

“To Kill a Mockingbird” is my all-time favorite !!
I’ve probably seen it at least fifty times–it’s bad
when you can recite it! I enjoyed your site and will
check back for more (especially the poetry).

9 03 2008

I always knew you had good taste. It is truly movie making at its best. No need for over the top effects when you have a profoundly deep story to tell. Peck is one of the bst actors ever.

9 03 2008

Thanks for adding a comment to my blog, it was encouraging to get good feedback :o) And also encouraging to know we and many others share in the knowledge of God’s grace! Keep reading

15 03 2008
Nick Geisen

The Mission is an incredible movie! It’s got a very powerful story, it’s a shame not many people have seen it.

15 03 2008

It really is a shame. The scene at the top of the falls where the indian cuts the chord to his pentence. ANd the ending is one of the most powerful I have ever seen in any film.

26 03 2008
Little Sis

I also love the movie To Kill A Mockingbird. It is one of my favorites also. There are several movies I have not seen from the list and I will have to find them and check them out. The only one I have not heard about is The Trip to Bountiful.

26 03 2008

Thank you Little Sis! A Trip To Bountiful is a simple story but I think it is a wonderful film about loning to go home again. I love you and miss you!

8 04 2008

I absolutely agree with you on The Mission. One of the most powerful films I’ve seen. Will have to look out for the others – I haven’t seen any of them.
Have you seen ‘To end all wars’? A bit hard to watch in parts, but some incredible pictures of grace and forgiveness – loving one’s enemies.

By the way, great blog!

18 04 2008

Thank you for reminding me Shirley. I keep meaning to get that because I have heard it is powerful but I havn’t yet.

7 05 2008

Hi – you commented on my musings on a recent screening of Jesus Camp and so I checked out your page and must say that you have picked a great bunch of movies, although I’m not sure about Amazing Grace as I thought the film did not do justice to the incredible story.

p.s. you’ll be pleased to know that I have replied to your comment (he said fishing for one more hit)

20 02 2009

Now I’ve got to check out The Mission. One film that powerfully communicates grace is Babette’s Feast. Followers of Luther, who should know of grace, but instead become somber shadows of themselves, find grace invades their lives when Babette comes and gives them a dinner they won’t forget. The transformation is amazing! And it shows grace as a free gift that costs everything to the giver.

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